Tips on Tackling Your Wedding Registry


10525620 10152495311834870 3997416078222502524 n Tips on Tackling Your Wedding RegistryPhoto by Timothy Whaley & Associates

We did it! Last night, my fiancé and I completed our wedding registry. After months (months!) of working on it, we can finally put a checkmark next to "Register" on our pre-nuptial to-do list. While most wedding websites will provide you with ideas for items to add to your registry, as a Sassy Chicago Bride, I'm here to provide you with useful advice on how to complete your registry the "fun" way. Don't let the thought of our registry taking months (months!) to complete scare you – once we buckled down and focused on the following tips, registering was a breeze!

  1. Make a list to determine what you DO NOT need to add to a registry. I know, I know. You need another list like you need a hole in your head. But this list will be one of the most helpful. Take inventory of what both you and your fiancé are bringing to the table as you make your new home. Assess whether or not those items need updating, and decide to add (or refrain from adding) it to your list. For example, I have a new (1-2 years old) toaster oven and he has a rice cooker and a George Foreman Grill in excellent condition. We also both have dinner plates, but we would like a nice, matching set. So, on our list, we have toaster oven, rice cooker, and George Foreman Grill, and we do not need to add those items to a registry. 

  2. Register from the comfort of your home. I cannot stress this enough. Sure, looking in the store was fun. Shooting the registry gun was comical. If you really, truly want to experience that – go for it. We spent most of our engagement living far apart, so we were I was insistent on registering in-person. But, if you're planning a wedding (as I'm sure you are), you know like I know that finding a few hours on a Saturday for you and your fiancé to hit up a Crate & Barrel is like winning the lottery: highly unlikely. Make a date night out of creating your registry! We enjoyed sipping wine and going through pages of bedding and towels on our designated registry sites. It took the stress out of making a decision and it even offered us more variety (most stores usually have more product online than they do on shelves). If you take just a little bit of time for a handful of nights, your registry will be complete* in less than 10 days.

  3. Narrow it down for your fiancé. My guy is the sweetest and gave me pretty much free rein on our registry (it's pretty hard not to agree with anything I say anyways, LOL). That being said, I wanted our registry to be about US and not just ME. So, I narrowed it down to a few options in different categories for us to pick together. Bedding is a good example where this came into play – I curated a list of 10 bedding options from various stores, and, without telling my fiancé, I ranked the options. He ranked his top choices and in cross comparing the two lists, we were able to make a compromise. This tip goes both ways; let your fiancé pick a category and narrow it down for you so you're not the one doing all the registry research.​

  4. Forget what anyone tells you about number of registries. Instead, focus on quantity at each location. Don't go crazy – 2 to 5 places is a safe bet. If you don't like the dishes that Store A offers, register for those at Store B. If neither A nor B offer bedding to your liking, then go with Store C. Make sure your registries are listed somewhere online (try Amazing Registry) so as to keep everything succinct and easily accessible for your wedding guests. 

​​What are some tips and tricks that you swear by when it comes to creating your wedding registry? Leave a comment below and share your registry prowess!

*One of the best tips I can offer is that a registry should be kept up to date . Be active with it – update your registry up to a month before your wedding with things you may have forgotten to include (or with something that caught your eye that you and your fiancé can get some use out of as a married couple). Don't forget to adjust your registry for items that may have been purchased elsewhere so as to avoid doubling up on some items. 

120.thumbnail Tips on Tackling Your Wedding Registry

About SassyMK

I'm a 25-year-old Chicagoan representing the South Loop neighborhood. When I'm not playing the part of Wonder Woman Wedding Planner, I like riding my bike around the city with my fiance, reading, and going to concerts. When it comes to planning my wedding, my advice is to keep a bottle of wine handy at all times.

The Wedding Movie Quiz



the wedding planner The Wedding Movie QuizThere are so many wedding movies out there, it's hard to pick a favorite! How many have you seen? How many can you remember?

Take our quiz and test your memory on all things wedding. Try not to cheat!

{Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan


Melissa Jordan Photography sent us this editorial shoot inpired by Frida Kahlo, a Mexican Surrealist Artist. Kahlo typically painted self-portraits using vibrant colors in a style that was often influenced by the Mexican culture and European Surrealism. 

After seeing the self-portraits, Melissa Jordan Photography teamed up with Grace from Whalen Creative Group to capture bold colors as well as natural and earth elements in Kahlo's paintings.  Bold and beautiful, but not over-the-top, Grace was drawn to subtle and natural linen colors with wood accents in the chargers and vases.  "I wanted the details to make a big impact, for instance, colorfully dipped mini-churros, Mexican sodas and tequila shots on display and a cigar bar for guests to enjoy during the reception" ~ Grace said.

We love the bride's vibrant jewelry from Chapman Jewelers, as well as the painted canvas guestbook. A guestbook on canvas is perfect for the new couple to hang in their new home as husband and wife.

Be inspired to go vibrant as you browse through the photos of this outdoor vineyard style shoot!

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida1010 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida1001 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

knox1 {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

^^ A moden twist on a traditional wedding ~ first look photos! ^^

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida1015 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida1014 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida1020 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida1022 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

knox2 {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida1033 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

knox3 {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida2004 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida2006 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

^^ We can't help but fall for this bride's look! ^^

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida2009 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida3007 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida3003 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

Laraine Knox Melissa Jordan Photography MJPFrida3013 low {Styled Shoot} Surrealism at Willow Harbor Vineyards, Michigan

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

Venue: Willow Harbors Vineyard • Event Planner: Whalen Creative Group • Photography: Melissa Jordan Photography • Bridal Shop: One Fine Day Bridal and Gown Boutique • Makeup Artist: GabGlam Tuxedo: Male Fashions  Invitations: The Lucky Marble  Jewelry: Chapman Jewelers • Models: Emily Laraine + Josh Knox 

Couple of the Week ((Jennifer + Zach))


"I love you more than chocolate coffee forever and ever and a few more evers after that."

jen+zach Couple of the Week ((Jennifer + Zach))

Photos by Lemon Twist Images

((Jen + Zach)) met 11 years ago while at church. Growing up together, Zach had a crush on Jen from day one. Soon after, Zach became Jen's best friend and someone she could always turn to for advice. Three years ago, Jen realized Zach was the one and the pair have been inseparable since.  

The couple consider themselves to be an old fashioned couple in a modern world.  With a lot of unique stories, ((Jen + Zach)) love to have fun and goof around.  "We say our love story is our own version of the Notebook!" Jen said.

image11 Couple of the Week ((Jennifer + Zach))

{Their Proposal Story} Jen and Zach went to the Brad Paisley concert at Wrigley Field in June of 2012.  Zach was coming home from drill that day beause he is in the National Guard. Jen said, "In between sets, he got down on one knee and proposed to me. Everyone around us started cheering, taking pictures and congratulating us. The entire section at one point started cheering GO U.S.A."

Their best date night together was their first date. "I had called him early in the day asking if he wanted to go to the pool with me and hang out. After spending the afternoon at the pool, we made a spur of the moment decision to hop on the train and spend the night in the city." Jen said.

With no solid plans, ((Jen + Zach)) wandered around and ate a dinner consisting of small snacks from Walgreens by the boat launch. Then, the pair went to Navy Pier and went on the Ferris Wheel, because even though Jen had lived in the Chicago suburbs her entire life, she had never been on the Ferris Wheel.  After watching the fireworks, they ended up walking back to the train station, but not before stopping at Buckingham Fountain where Zach first kissed Jen.  Jen thinks she fell asleep on his shoulder during their ride back home.

((Jen + Zach's)) wedding date is set for August 31, 2014!

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Lawerly Wedding Advice Before “I Do”


 marriagehands Lawerly Wedding Advice Before I Do

The legal and financial aspects of your nuptials should be planned as carefully as your wedding service, ceremony, and reception.  There are a few unwritten rules that should be addressed during the dating and engagement period of a relationship before saying "I do."

Support Each Other.  This may sound simple easy as pie, but once you're married, you have a legal responsibility to support each other and your future children. This obligation includes family expenses, medical coverage, education, food and housing, and the general upkeep of your household.

Marital Property. Without a prenuptial agreement, marital law generally assumes that each partner's personal assets will become assets of the marriage, just like earnings or assets acquired after the marriage. In the event of a divorce, the court will equitably (but not necessarily equally) divide all assets, no matter whose name is on the title.

Spousal Debts. Know each other's financial histories! Marriage can make you legally responsible for your spouse's pre-existing debt. Even if your are not directly liable for your partner's debt, debt collection may impact your marital or jointly owned property, and beneficiary rights.

Inheritance. Without a will, you won't be able to decide how your estate gets divided between your surviving spouse, your children, and your other heirs, nor will you be able to designate a guardian for your children. Planning ahead and drafting a will can ensure that your estate is properly handled. It will also help you and your loved ones take full advantage of tax cuts.

Beneficiaries. Revisit all of your accounts ~ from retirement plans to insurance policies and update your beneficiaries where you see fit.  This includes reviewing and updating your medical, life, and car insurance plans. You may find that combining coverage may save you money or that you have insurance plans that overlap.

Property Ownership. Generally, married couples own property, as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, but some assets are better owned in other ways. For example, depending on the conditions of a trust, it may be safest and wisest if only one partner is entitled to the contents.

Record Keeping. You should keep important records and legal documents in a concise filing system, such as in a fireproof safe or in a safety deposit box so you both know where to find important files and folders. This will help you stay organized in the past and for the future.

It is important to remember that keeping an open line of communication between you and your significant other can help build trust and establish roles in your marriage. Happy wedding!

How to Fly First Class in a Coach Seat


honeymoon plane How to Fly First Class in a Coach Seat

We all like to save a few dollars here and there, but there is something special about sitting in a first class seat. Those huge, comfy, unsardine-like seats, posh toiletries + five star services are hard to ignore. Don't feel down ~ here are a few tips we came up with to make your coach experience more like first class ~

1. If you are looking for a little bit more space, try to get a seat in the bulkhead of the airplane or in the exit row. You'll be able to put your carry-on bag in front of you after the plane takes off & you'll have a little bit of extra room to stretch your toes!

2. For a little snack on board, go DIY + bring some food from home. You can take some time and purchase luxury chocolates or snacks and take them with you on the plane. These treats can make all of the difference, especially if you're patience is running thin and you are getting a little restless on the plane. 

3. Bring your laptop, iPad, or tablet for more entertainment options.  Try to preplan and load your device with all of the television shows + movies you've been waiting to see, but have been too busy to catch-up on.  This is the perfect place to catch up with the latest episodes of Real Housewives & Pretty Little Liars. You can even throwback & watch Fresh Prince!

4. For a better chance of sleeping, bring a pillow, blanket, eye-mask or baseball hat, noise-cancelling headphones, or shawl/light sweater or jacket. No need to bring one of each, but a few of these items can go along way! There are many times we've worn a baseball cap low over our eyes and wrapped a shawl around our legs to catch some shuteye + keep warm.

5. Turn your carry on bag into a footrest. Kick off those shoes, put on your slipper socks, and put your bag at your feet.  You'll feel like you are at home on your Lazy Boy. Bonus points for those who recline!

{Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring


There is something special about a well-designed bohemian styled shoot or wedding.  Whether it's with lots of frills + florals, with a touch of art, the boho chic style constantly changes!

When we ran across this romance styled shoot in Utah that is inspired by lots of golds, with hints of green, pink and white… we fell in love!  The mossy green grass, and tall trees give this boho shoot a touch of nature. Between the soft flowers draped upon the cake, to the little elephants placed on the table, this was a beautiful and whimsical shoot by Cassandra Farley Photography. The bride's adorable headband from Danani Handmade Adornments, lace dress + lush bouquet just made our hearts melt.

leelee1 {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
leelee2 {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
Lee Lee Cassandra Farley Photography 004A1048 low {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
^^ Check out that bouquet by RAB Floral Design! We know you need to see more! icon smile {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring ^^
leelee3 {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
Lee Lee Cassandra Farley Photography 004A1108 low {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
Lee Lee Cassandra Farley Photography 004A1665 low {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
leelee4 {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
^^ Bonus points for the naked cake from Sweet Cakes by Karen! ^^
lee5 {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
leelee6 {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
leelee7 {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
Lee Lee Cassandra Farley Photography 004A1335BW low {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
Yes, yes, yes to the gold accents + lush blooms!
Lee Lee Cassandra Farley Photography 004A1345 low {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring
Screen shot 2014 07 07 at 3.07.57 PM {Styled Shoot} Bohemian Glamour in the Spring

~ If you’d like to see a little bit of this couple’s love + style + inspiration, view the video below ~

Such great inspiration! We love that this look can be achieved anywhere. This is about channeling the vision of your big day + making it your own. Thanks so much, Cassandra Farley Photography for sharing this with us!
xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo
Photographer + Shoot Designer: Cassandra Farley Photography • Models: Jessica Lee + Colton Lee • Makeup + Hair: Kelli Miller • Wedding Cake: Sweet Cakes by Karen Tables + Chairs: St. George Party Rentals • Video: A. Green Films • Paper Details: Jacki Miller Photo + Design • Florist: RAB Floral Design • Plates: Main Street Antiques • Head Piece: Danani Handmade Adornments • Wedding Gown: My Amazing Wedding Dress

U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]


If long flights, a delay or two, following the rules of obtaining a passport, and traveling overseas isn't your thing, there are many U.S. honeymoon destinations that are right in our backyard! On our last honeymoon blog, we covered the tiki land of Maui, Hawaii. This time around we're going to discuss something for our ski bunnies ~ Aspen, Colorado!

Aspen is known as a luxury ski destination.  Oftentimes, you'll hear of big name celebs visiting Aspen, but even couples on a budget can find romance + luxury.

Aspen features internationally renowned skiing during the winter, amazing hiking and biking in summer, and dining and entertainment year-round. This destination is perfect for those that crave a little adventure, relaxation, or a little bit of both! With the warm sunshine in the summer, and a cool fall, you can enjoy tons of activities, from hiking, biking, fishing, long walks, hot air balllooning, and soaking up the sun. If you aren't so sporty, visiting downtown Aspen is your place to see.

It's time to relax and have fun. Let's check out a few of the possibilities!

Resort 1: The Limelight Hotel

In the central of Aspen, the Limelight Hotel has some of the best views awaiting honeymooners.  With uber posh rooms, friendly staff, and live music, you'll be treated like an a-list celeb. The hotel is also in walking distance to Aspen's hotspots, including restaurants and landmarks.  The modern + contemporary design of the resort is perfect for those looking for a touch of sophistication and elegance!

limelightexterior night U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]

Ajaxterrace1 U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]luxuryking U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]

The Limelight Hotel is also dog friendly, so if you don't want to leave your pooch behind after you say "I do" bring him or her to Aspen to complete your new family.  The daily walks to and from Wagner Park, located across the street from Limelight are the perfect memories to begin your new life together.

Resort 2: St. Regis Resort

Who wouldn't want to stay in a castle? For amazing food and wine with a culture for those seeking adventure, St. Regis Resort offers a little bit of something for everyone.  Unlike any other place, St. Regis Resort emulates a guest suite in a historic late 19th century manor, with winter grays and warm summer tones throughout the room.  This is the perfect setting for those looking to enjoy the outdoor view.

You'll also enjoy refreshing your mind and revitalizing your body at the decadent Remede Spa or relaxing in several pools and saunas. The hotel also offers several romantic honeymooner packages that are customizable by night. Enjoy daily breakfast, sparkling wine + flowers, chocolate strawberries, or a day relaxing in the spa. Sounds good to me!

st regis2 U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]

st regis3 U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]st regis1 U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]

Resort #3: Hotel Jerome

Located in the heart of Aspen is one of the most gorgeous + elegant + historic hotels, Hotel Jerome. This victorian and modern day hotel has spacious bedrooms with big bathtubs, making it the perfect escape and one of the finest boutique hotels.

In addition to the spa experience and outdoor activites, you can enjoy the ultimate culinary experience. Take part in a variety of hands-on cooking classes with the executive chef, wine tastings with their resident wine director and learn the art of baking desserts with Hotel Jerome's pastry chef. Sounds yummy!

jerome 1 U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]jerome 2 U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]jerome U.S. Honeymoon Destination [Aspen, Colorado]

Whether you are looking to be a ski bunny and find adventure or relax for a few days in a Colorado spa, there is truly something for every couple.

In the picturesque valley of central Aspen, The Limelight Hotel awaits honeymooners with posh rooms, uber-friendly staff and live music three nights a week at the hotel bar. Though it's an easy walking distance to everything you'd want to see in Aspen, couples hoping to skip the walk can get driven by the hotel to just about anywhere they please.

The stylish “living room” on the first floor is a chic hangout spot at any time of day, where you can lounge in front of the roaring fireplace and enjoy cocktails with light Italian cuisine. The rooms are spacious and modern, with two luxury “apartment” accommodations featuring fireplaces, private balconies and mountain views.

Enjoy long days of couples' recreation on the mountains and across the lakes, then sink into the jacuzzi or stroll into town and sip wine as the sun disappears behind the mountains. The Limelight Hotel in Aspen is a lovely lodge…a Colorado honeymoon location where you'll be surrounded by beauty both inside and out.

- See more at:

In the picturesque valley of central Aspen, The Limelight Hotel awaits honeymooners with posh rooms, uber-friendly staff and live music three nights a week at the hotel bar. Though it's an easy walking distance to everything you'd want to see in Aspen, couples hoping to skip the walk can get driven by the hotel to just about anywhere they please. – See more at:

Couple of the Week ((Michelle + Ethan))


"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"

 Couple of the Week ((Michelle + Ethan))

((Michelle + Ethan)) met while attending Northeastern Illinois University.  Michelle said they had mutual friends and after playing hard-to-get for a little while, Ethan's persistancy to ask her out paid off.  "I finally gave in!" Michelle said.

The couple's favorite date night always includes dinner and a movie ~ with just the two of them.  ((Michelle + Ethan)) love spending time with their friends and family, but enjoy getting away and from their busy lives.  Michelle said "It's always great to do just us."

Through their ups and downs, the future bride and groom pride themselves in being able to communicate through their disagreements and come to a mutual agreement and understanding.  Michelle says Ethan is her best friend and their "downs" have led them to have a more thoughtful and meaning full relationship. <3

{Their Proposal Story} Michelle was throwing Ethan a surprise party, which he ended up knowing about. Instead, the surprise backfired on Michelle and Ethan got done on one knee.  The rest is history!

walgreenHD13943963410491 Couple of the Week ((Michelle + Ethan))

The couple is now planning a June 2015 wedding! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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5 Commonly Overlooked Wedding Expenses


I do 5 Commonly Overlooked Wedding Expenses

Most couples have no idea what wedding services cost and end up underestimating their wedding budgets. No one likes financial surprises and when you’re planning your dream wedding this can be a real downer. It is important to know upfront the types of unexpected costs that can come up for your wedding. These are 5 commonly overlooked wedding expenses:
Invitation “Suite”
Invitation suites present your wedding style and are a sneak peek of what your wedding will be like so they need to be personalized. Everything from the specialty paper selection and font type to the embellishments and envelope style can be customized. Save-the-date, invitations and inserts such as RSVP cards, hotel information, maps and other related items are all part of an invitation suite and factor in the total cost.
Postage For Invitations
Inevitably save-the-dates and invitations that are unique in size, shape and number of inserts will cost more to mail. Check with your stationer for guidelines on cost to mail your favorite invitations suite.
Sales Tax, Service Charges and Vendor Gratuities
Don’t forget to add sales tax and service fees to your catering costs. Also many venues and caterers charge a service fee to cover their costs for staffing. Expect to tip most vendors- from your hair stylist and the delivery staff to the band/DJ and bartenders. For catering only tip on the total for labor not the entire catering bill.
Everyone knows photography is a must have for weddings, but videography should not be forgotten. Capturing all of your special moments such as getting ready, first look, ceremony, toasts and special dances in motion as they occur with sound, gestures and all is priceless!
Wedding Planner and Wedding Day Coordinator
Some couples don’t think they need wedding planning help until they are knee deep in unfinished tasks, having anxiety over forgetting something important and nightmares about everything going wrong.
Having a professional guide you through all your planning tasks and on your wedding day taking charge to execute your vision as planned makes for an effortless planning experience and stress-free wedding day.

133.thumbnail 5 Commonly Overlooked Wedding Expenses

About Beso Events

Gabriela from Beso Events helps brides and grooms realize their wedding day vision by offering custom wedding planning and wedding day coordination services. Gabriela’s philosophy is to provide engaged couples the professional guidance, excellent service and personal attention their wedding deserves, so they can have an effortless planning experience and unforgettable wedding day.


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