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The Day of: How to Curb Cold Feet


shutterstock 195008516 The Day of: How to Curb Cold Feet

We all know the story. Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) is afraid to get married. Well, she’s not afraid, she’s just nervous. She finally finds the one while engaged to another guy, or the guy she thinks is the one, Ike Graham (Richard Gere) but the day of the wedding, Maggie gets cold feet, leaving Ike stranded at the alter. Ike chases after her, but she hitches a ride on a truck and gets away.

We’re referring to cold feet, or a case of wedding day jitters. Trust us, lots of couples get cold feet. You’re not alone. Even the most starry-eyed bride + groom get nervous.

Here’s how to curb the feeling ~ 

The Problem: Sweaty palms and shaky, weak knees

If your palms are sweaty, your knees are weak and your arms are heavy, talk to someone. Tell your MOH you are feeling nervous and don’t know how to shake the feeling. Being able to open up to your BFF will help the butterflies fade away. If you have a few moments, write down your thoughts in a journal or send your future bride or groom a love note. As soon as you start your walk down the aisle and lock eyes with your love, you’ll wonder why you were nervous in the first place.

Nervousness doesn’t mean you are making the wrong decision. Have you heard of performance anxiety? You want everything to run smoothly. All these thoughts are on your mind ~ you are nervous about declaring your love in front of everybody, forgetting your vows, or tripping down the aisle. This is the moment you’ve looked forward to all of your life and everything comes down to that one day and that one special moment of saying “I do” paired with a big, fat smooch. It’s enough to make anyone panic.

The Solution: Distract yourself! Think back to all of the happy moments and love you have shared with your significant other. Remember why you are getting married in the first place. Keep the mood light and cheery. It may also help to practice your vows. The worst thing you can do is think that you are the only one that’s nervous ~ your significant other is probably nervous too! Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, because it will go by in a heartbeat.

DIY Uplighting On A Budget {Sponsored Post}


pink up lights 100 DIY Uplighting On A Budget {Sponsored Post}

Many couples often ask us if the cost of lighting a reception venue is really worth it. They often tell us that their reception has plenty of natural light or they just don’t see how the extra expense is worth it in the long run.

The truth is ~ lighting can bring your reception venue from drab to fab and can have such a huge impact. Lighting sets the tone in a different way than your wedding decor and flowers do – lighting helps beautify your big day. Think of it as an accent on details, but by setting the mood and tone for your reception.

With DIY Uplighting, you can create a gorgeous reception (on a budget) just like the weddings you always see in pictures. Personalizing your reception has never been easier. How do you do it, you ask?

All you need is a reliable friend and a reservation in advance. For a $25 deposit and $19 per light, you can have lighting that wows your guests, highlights your reception venue and guides your eyes. Just imagine seeing the perimeter of your reception venue light up, or seeing your sweetheart or cake table be accented underneath. With the average reception about 4-5 hours total, that leaves a little time after sunset to really enjoy them.

See how easy it is to set the lights up ~

These professional, energy efficient LED lights bring life to any room. They are also super affordable. With free shipping and no minimum rental, you’ll save hundreds of dollars by handling the lighting yourself.

wedding uplighting DIY Uplighting On A Budget {Sponsored Post}

under table lighting 1 DIY Uplighting On A Budget {Sponsored Post}

wedding mood lighting DIY Uplighting On A Budget {Sponsored Post}

Get started by browsing through photos of DIY Uplighting and see if your wedding date is available. Happy wedding!

~ Thank you for supporting our friends at DIY Uplighting! ~

((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk


((Becky + Craig)) got engaged on the day the world was supposed to end, 12-21-12. Instead of the world ending, the day turned out to be a day of world of new beginnings.

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril126705032014JK0722 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

For those that know the couple, their wedding fit their personalities to a T. “When we started on this road as a newly engaged couple, we knew we wanted something different for our wedding day,” Becky said. “We knew there were plenty of wedding venues out there to choose from, but we wanted something to meet our standards of uniqueness.”

When the pair toured The Pavilion at Orchard Farms, they knew they found their perfect venue. Often working in the city, ((Becky + Craig)) enjoyed going out into the country to camp with friends on the weekends. Orchard Farms had all of the qualities of a farm feel, but class and elegance of a top-notch city wedding venue.

Their big day went off without a hitch. Imagine a beautiful May day (which doesn’t happen a lot in Chicago), surrounded by nature with birds chirping and flowers blooming. “The morning of our wedding, we woke up to sun and 70’s. We knew we had some guardian angels watching over us.” ~ Becky added.

Green is Becky’s favorite color, so an emerald was custom designed into her engagement ring by Craig with Ancona Jewelers. Their green signature drink of Vodka, Green River Soda (a Chicago original), and lemonade was served in mason jars and garnished with fancy striped straws. Both ((Becky + Craig)) are also huge Chicago Bears fans, so her bridesmaids decided to get ready wearing Bears jerseys with “Team Gavril” on the front.

During the ceremony, a few gusts of wind decided to check in to make for some fun veil blowing pictures. After the ceremony, the bridal party piled into a tractor pulled wagon for pictures as guests began to enjoy themselves in the barn like venue. Colored lights moved around the room changing the atmosphere from a powerful wood built room to an epic party to share the commitment and joining of two families.

The dance floor was packed all night until the house lights faded and a green glow filled the air. A lone bag piper marched proudly down the aisle. Just as the room’s focus was on this single bag piper, a powerful bass drum began beating behind the large wooden doors. As the doors opened, the commanding sound of a band of pipes and drummers demanded the attention of all in the room overcome by a standing ovation of ((Becky + Craig’s)) guests.

“As the night came to an end, we rejoiced in the fact that it wasn’t just us that everyone came to see. It was, in fact, them that we wanted to see,” ~ Becky and Craig added.

The couple’s photographer, Jenelle Kappe said ((Becky + Craig’s)) wedding day details were endless and meaningful. See a peek into their beautiful love affair ~

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril001605032014JK0016 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril004105032014JK0041 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril005805032014JK0058 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril006105032014JK0061 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril024005032014JK0140 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril042205032014JK0178 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril171005032014JK1010 low copy ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril063205032014JK0320 low1 ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

nowak gavril2 ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk


Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril077605032014MS0362 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril080005032014JK0428 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril085605032014JK0463 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril093505032014JK0503 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril115205032014JK0651 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

nowak gavril4 ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

nowak gavril5 ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

nowak gavril6 ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril137905032014JK0822 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril158005032014JK0933 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril165805032014JK0987 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Nowak Gavril Jenelle Kappe Photography Gavril177505032014MS0724 low ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

nowak gavril7 ((Becky + Craig)) Rustic Wedding for the City Folk

Venue: The Pavilion at Orchard Farms • Floral: Stems  Bakery: Sugar Jones Photographer: Jenelle Kappe Photography   Lighting: Concept Effects  Hair Salon: Arch Apothecary  Band: Hey Jimmy • Caterer: Hoffman House Catering  Photo Booth: Must Have Photo Booth Jeweler: Ancona Jewelers

5 Steps To Glow On Your Wedding Day


When planning your upcoming nuptials, the most important investment you can make is the one you make in yourself. As someone who planned weddings for over ten years, I know it’s very easy to get caught up in the quest for the perfect event. Trust me, when all is said and done no one will remember the gemstone chargers you had to have. What your guests will remember is the bride and how she glowed.

Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day so after you say, “yes” to the dress – say, “yes” to your skin. Loving the skin you’re in and being able to walk down the aisle with confidence is irreplaceable.

Unblemish before after 5 Steps To Glow On Your Wedding Day

Here are five skin care tips to help you achieve that wedding day glow:

Get a skin consultation. If you’ve never used skin care products before, it’s important to consult an expert to help partner you with the right products. Be sure to share all your skin care concerns along with your expectations. You want to be sure you’re using the correct treatments to maximize your results.

Start a skin care regimen now. It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. Trust me – your older self with thank you for it! By starting a regimen now, not only can help you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but you can also reverse any sun damage and help replenish the moisture in your skin for a natural, youthful glow. When starting a regimen you want to be sure to include a wash or daily cleansing mask, a toner, an AM cream with SPF, and a PM cream to moisturize your skin over night. Rodan+ Fields Dermatology, my skin care line of choice, offers four different regimens each covering a specific skin concern ranging from: fine lines and wrinkles, adult acne on face, chest or back, sun damage or dull skin, and sensitive skin prone to redness, Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis.

Always Wear SPF – It’s imperative to protect your skin from harmful UV rays on a daily basis, even when there is cloud cover. Harmful UV rays speed up the aging process by eliminating the moisture in your skin and ultimately giving your skin a hard, leathery-like appearance. These rays also react with melatonin, a natural chemical produced in your skin, to create brown spots and freckles. Protect your skin!

Exfoliate – It’s important to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. I exfoliate once a week with my at home microdermabrasion machine, the Macro E. Exfoliating removes thousands of dead skin cells so when you do apply your topical treatments, they actually penetrate the skin and provide the nourishment your skin needs. Besides, who wants dead skin cells on their face anyway?

Find A Good Eye Cream And Use It Religiously – Eye cream is a staple everyone should have on hand and use regularly. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate area on your face. This skin also begins to show the signs of aging first. You want to treat this skin with a cream formulated specifically for this area, and use one that also improves elasticity and collagen production.

Here’s to achieving a beautiful, healthy glow on your wedding day!

152.thumbnail 5 Steps To Glow On Your Wedding Day

About Rodan Fields Dermatology

Holly Rust, a former event planner and hotel executive and Timary Wyre, a former educator, are now skin care experts with Rodan+Fields Dermatology. After using Rodan+Fields to tackle their own skin insecurities and seeing amazing results themselves, they have decided to join the company to help others transform their skin. Also as former brides, they know just how important it is to feel beautiful on your wedding day. Their passion lies in the beauty industry where they are changing skin and changing lives. Both ladies reside in Chicago with their families. In Holly and Timary’s free time they like to share special moments with their children and donate their time to numerous philanthropic efforts.

Couple of the Week ((Felicia + Bart))


“Worth the wait.”

10259700 10204209696274541 4228195029772993220 n Couple of the Week ((Felicia + Bart))

So there’s love at first sight, and then love at first sight.

Throughout Felicia’s life, her mom teased her about her preschool friend named Bart. Every day after preschool, Felicia would come home and tell her mother she was going to marry Bart. “Not only was I going to marry him, but we were going to have 13 kids!” ~ Felicia said. Felicia often thought her mother was just making the story up, wondering “Could a three year old really be planning a family already?” Felicia’s mom even kept a picture of them in her baby book and saved a birthday card Bart had given her. (See below!)

Fast-forward to the summer right before Felicia left for college. At a friend’s party, Felicia’s friend walked up to a group of her friends to introduce someone. “This is my college roommate, Bart,” the friend said. As soon as Felicia heard the name, she had a flashback to her mother’s stories. “I went to preschool with a Bart,” Felicia told him. Turns out, it was Bart from preschool. “I couldn’t wait to tell my mother!” Felicia exclaimed.

A few months later, Facebook brought the two together. Felicia said, “Bart messaged me sometime in November and said he would be home (Chicago) for Thanksgiving break and wanted to hang out. So we did just that. The rest is history.”

IMG 7759 Couple of the Week ((Felicia + Bart))

{Their Engagement Story} as told by Felicia

“My best friend texted me saying she wanted to have a small brunch for her parents anniversary during Fourth of July weekend. She is the queen of planning celebrations so nothing was strange about this story. I kept telling her I wasn’t sure if I was going to go because I might have a barbecue that weekend. However, that morning came and Bart got dressed to head out to brunch with some of his friends. I figured I might as well go since Bart had plans of his own. My friend picked me up and drove downtown. As we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted with champagne. I had been to this restaurant before, but had never gotten champagne. “This is for the champagne toast for your parents,” the hostess said to Christina before walking us toward the back. I walked in and saw fifty members of my family and friends, including our pastor, standing and clapping. I immediately grabbed my Dad and put my head down. Bart asked my Dad in front of everyone for permission to marry me before getting down on one knee and popping the question. It was so emotional and exciting. The best day of my life so far!”

IMG 7436 Couple of the Week ((Felicia + Bart))

unnamed 1 Couple of the Week ((Felicia + Bart))

After dating for eight years and growing together as a couple, ((Felicia + Bart)) cannot wait to say ‘I do’ on July 7, 2015! Congratulations to this adorable couple!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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((Diana + Kenneth’s)) Rustic Reception


((Diana + Kenneth)) opted for a rustic + vintage wedding theme for their big day at Hyatt Lodge at McDonalds Campus. With recommendations from friends and family, as well as support from their vendors, the couple planned the perfect ‘I dos.’

“We wanted a rustic location to fit our vision and Hyatt Lodge was exactly what we wanted. It was big enough, but cozy enough all at the same time.” the bride said.

To play up their wedding theme, every centerpiece at ((Diana + Kenneth’s)) wedding was different. The couple used wood logs and then used different containers to display the flowers. Diana said, “We used mason jars, small vases, bowls, and glass domes to put together the look we were going for.” ((Diana + Kenneth)) also rented a vintage dresser from Violet & Pearl Design based on their florist, Petal Play‘s recommendations. On the dresser, a wood log held place cards during cocktail hour. The birdcages, along with centerpieces and vintage containers, came together to perfect the look.

For their favors, the lovebirds chose to give guests small wire birdcages with battery-operated candles. On the outside of the birdcage was a card that said, “Thank you from K&D. ”

Surrounded by their nearest and dearest friends and family, the dance floor at Hyatt Lodge was never empty. “We were both calm and trying to soak up every minute.” ~ Diana said.

As a surprise, the Chicago White Sox mascot, Southpaw made a special appearance. Diana also surprised Kenneth with a groom’s cake of his favorite Sox jersey.

Brittany Lynn Studios, ((Diana + Kenneth’s)) wedding photographer, said the pair was so comfortable with one another throughout the day, she could see the love between them. Browse through their wedding day to be inspired and hear from the bride why she chose the vendors she did ~

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception315of32151BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

hyattlodge bls  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

“My dress was lace from head to toe. It was strapless with a train and accessorized with a jeweled belt. We went to White Satin Bridal in downtown Plainfield. I tried on 8 dresses and when I put this gown on, I kept saying, “I like this, I like this!” It just felt perfect. When I walked out of the dressing room, my mom and Kenneth’s mom starting getting teary eyed. I knew it was the dress. I have always driven past White Satin Bridal’s shop and I couldn’t wait until the day I could walk in and look for a wedding dress.” ~ Diana [on her gown]

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios PreCeremonyGirls10of19903BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Portraits53of17638BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

“Once I picked the peacock color for my bridesmaids, I let them chose whatever style they wanted as long as it was long. I wanted everyone to fell beautiful that day so I wanted them to choose something they loved. It just so happened they all picked chiffon which was perfect because it flowed really well.” [on her 'maids]

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception1of32113BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception3of32113BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception10of32116BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception17of32121BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception18of32121BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception35of32146BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

hyattlodge bls2  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

“My bouquet made my heart so happy it was heavenly. It had peonies, ranunculus, English tea roses, roses, tulips, and succulents. It was exactly what I had envisioned.” [on her Petal Play bouquet]

hyattlodge bls3  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

“Once we picked the theme, I browsed Pinterest and came acrossed a birch tree cake with the initials of the bride and groom “carved” with a heart. I loved it! Instead of a cake topper, we used fresh flowers from our florist.” [Diana on her rustic-inspired wedding cake]

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception91of32122BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception236of32123BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Reception241of32124BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

Schuda Schuda Brittany Lynn Studios Portraits141of17601BrittanyLynnStudios low  ((Diana + Kenneths)) Rustic Reception

“Enjoy. Every. Minute. It truly goes so fast, try not to stress, and just take in everything. No one is going to know if something is out of place.” ~ from Diana + Kenneth {Advice for Couple’s Currently Planning}

Photographer: Brittany Lynn Studios • Wedding Planner: Tying the Knot • Reception Site: Hyatt Lodge at McDonalds Campus • Bridal Salon: White Satin Bridal • Hair Salon: A Cut Above • Florist: Petal Play  • Ceremony Site: St. Patrick’s Church • Bakery: Lezza Spumoni & Desserts, Inc. • Wedding Details: Duryea Place Designs  • Grooms + Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse • Wedding Bands: Mark Peters Diamond Designs • Transportation: Naperville Trolley • Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Couple of the Week ((Erika + Zachary))


“Silly, weird, funny and in love.”

image14 Couple of the Week ((Erika + Zachary))

((Erika + Zachary)) have a true Chicago love story. The lovebirds met at the train station heading to North Avenue Beach!

“He introduced himself to me and I had butterflies in my stomach immediately,” Erika said. “I thought he was so cute! We spent the whole day together with friends and later that night we found each other on Twitter. Two weeks later, he asked me out and here we are.”

The couple’s favorite date nights are watching movies until three or four in the morning. “We’ve never had a day where we don’t have anything to talk about. We are a simple couple,” ~ Erika added.

{Their Proposal Story}

Zachary proposed to Erika while celebrating Erika’s 21st birthday. “We just had a beautiful dinner at an Italian restaurant and we were sitting outside about to make s’mores. When I went to make one, he had the ring on the end of the skewer. Zachary then asked me to stand up so he could propose properly.” .” The couple has recently moved in together and is beginning to plan their walk down the aisle.

Erika wants other to people to know that true love is possible. “There are amazing guys out there and you never know when you will find your one true love. Maybe you’ll find him randomly at the train station like I met mine!”

Best wishes to this Chicago couple as they begin their life together.

image13 Couple of the Week ((Erika + Zachary))

image151 Couple of the Week ((Erika + Zachary))

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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What comes with cutting a wedding cake?


cuttingthecake blog What comes with cutting a wedding cake?

Photos by Ven Sherrod Photography

The cake cutting ceremony during the reception is not a moment that should be rushed and should be carefully planned to capture the moment on film and video. I personally like my couples to cut their wedding cake after they have been announced into the reception, especially if the cake will be dessert. Of course, your guests are going to want to capture the ceremony with their cameras, but it’s pivotal that the coordinator or photographer’s assistant keep them out of the direct line of the photo.

Now what is the proper way to cut into this beautiful creation? The cake knife and server should be placed on the cake table along with a small plate, two forks and a nicely folded napkin. This is a perfect photo op before the actual ceremony begins. Once the bride and groom are in position, with the groom’s hand over the bride’s, the couple use the knife to cut into the bottom layer of the cake. Then with the couple’s hands positioned the same, they should use the server to remove the slice of cake and place the slice on the small plate. Of course the fun part comes when the couple begins to feed each other with the groom feeding the first piece of cake to his new wife.

The entire ceremony symbolizes the couple caring for each other and all the sweetness that is to come in their marriage.

104.thumbnail What comes with cutting a wedding cake?

About DejanaeEvents

Dejanae Events is a reputable bridal consulting & event planning service where our focus is YOU. We capture your thoughts, ideas and dreams and formulate them into an unforgettable wedding day that you and your fiance will cherish forever. Servicing clients throughout the Chicagoland area, our hardworking team will guide you through your wedding planning from beginning to end. We obsess over details alleviating you from stress so that you can enjoy the most memorable days of your life.

Couple of the Week ((Joey + Rosa))


“Loud and in Love”

MS 377811 Couple of the Week ((Joey + Rosa))

It all started with the words, “Thanks for the add.” ((Joey + Rosa)) are high school sweethearts that met on MySpace. After Joey accepted Rosa’s friend request, Rosa replied, “Thanks for accepting… for all you know, I could be a weirdo.”

Long story short, Rosa says she gave Joey a fair warning from the beginning. The pair eventually exchanged numbers, and hung out after school. After one month of talking, they made it official in March of 2007.

“We’re all a little weird and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Dr. Seuss

{Their Proposal Story ~ see a video below!}

Joey has always wanted to go jet skiing. Every summer, it was either bad timing, too cold, or raining. On April 29, while on a cruise in Key West, the couple booked an all day adventure to go jet skiing and parasailing. As soon as the jet skiing portion was over, they waited on the boat to get suited up for parasailing. While sitting down talking to other guests, the captain announced there was one more announcement on board. Joey got down on one knee in front of everyone and asked Rosa to marry him.

“Of course, I didn’t think he was being serious,” Rosa said. “After 7 years of dating, it was not uncommon for Joey to get down on one knee and tie his shoe to pretend he was about to ask me to marry him. But it was for real this time. He had even asked my parents for their blessing right before our trip!”

These modern lovebirds are all about trying new things. “Day dates are better than night dates,” Rosa said. The pair enjoys taking in any activity that involves adventure. From repelling down Navy Pier, jet skiing, kayaking, and going parasailing, they love trying new things together.

((Joey + Rosa)) have recently moved into their first place together and have welcomed a dog into their family.

“Joey said having the puppy made him realize we’re pretty much a forever kind of thing. He bought the ring a few weeks later!” 

Congratulations to ((Joey + Rosa)) as they plan their June 26, 2015 wedding!

20140429 0952331 Couple of the Week ((Joey + Rosa))

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Couple of the Week ((John + Heather))


“Goofy Love” 

((John + Heather)) met at a local bar and after any failed attempts of John asking Heather out, she finally agreed. “He called me the night I gave him my number and invited me to a party. Originally, I told him I would go, but after thinking about it, I decided not to go. After multiple phone calls, I finally answered and told him that my mom had a flat tire, and I needed to pick her up from work.” John proceeded to call and text Heather almost every day afterwards.

After about two weeks of being persistent, Heather gave John a shot. The pair have been inseparable since.

engagement Couple of the Week ((John + Heather))

{Their Proposal Story}

It was a normal Monday morning. Heather was at work looking forward to attending Dog Day at US Cellular Field. ((John + Heather’s)) neighbor, Tom, called her and was overly enthusiastic. “Tom wanted to make sure I was having a good day, as work tends to be quite stressful. I thought this was a little weird, but knowing Tom, I didn’t think to much into it.” Heather’s dad also checked in to see how her day was going. “He sounded very excited that we were going to US Cellular Field, but knowing he is a huge sox fan and loves new pictures of Rufis (John + Heather’s dog,) I did not think too much about it.” ~ Heather said.

Once Heather’s work day was over, Tom came over as they were getting ready for the game. Heather noticed how excited he was, but Tom told her he was just having a good day and wished he could bring his dog along too.

When the pair arrived at the field and went through security, the detector went off. Little did Heather know, John had Heather’s ring in his pocket.

As ((John + Heather)) lined up for the dog parade, they asked a couple to take their picture when they got on the field. “As I took Rufis to the field, John turned around and gave the camera to the two girls that were standing behind us. I did not realize, John told them, “he was about to do something.” John came over by me, and we took two pictures. I quickly said thank you, and as I started to walk off the field, John said, “One more picture.”

“It seemed like everything was in slow motion. I started to hear cheering and clapping as John got down on one knee. Once John and I locked eyes, he asked me to marry him and I immediately started to cry. It was the most perfect and amazing experience of my life.” ~Heather exclaimed.

The White Sox have always been a big part of ((John + Heather’s)) relationship and to have the opportunity to be on the field with their dog was “more than I could ask for” ~ Heather added. As the game went on, people went up to ((John + Heather)) to congratulate them and tell the couple they too had taken pictures of their proposal. “It was a day we will never forget,” Heather said.

white Couple of the Week ((John + Heather))

((John + Heather)) will be saying their “I dos” on June 13, 2015. Both are ecstatic cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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