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My Pinterest Picks of the Week


Well it is HOT outside! So my theme for this week’s Pinterest Pins is ICE!!! We gotta stay cool some how, let’s start with some cool inspirations. I found these pins to be very “out of the box” and a beautiful new approach to cocktail hour. They are really unique ways to keep your guests hydrated and cool, specially if you are having an outdoor wedding. I think I might try some at home!!

 My Pinterest Picks of the Week

These infused ice cubes are perfect for a summer engagement party. They would all be an easy accent for a housewarming party!

 My Pinterest Picks of the Week

Infusing floral aromas and flavors into cocktails is a huge trend right now. This is a very vibrant way of doing so! I love it, but I wonder what happens once the ice melts… droopy, soggy flowers?!?!?

 My Pinterest Picks of the Week

This is a great way to hide the liquor labels and add conversation pieces to your bar. It looks fun and easy, I’ll have to try it out and let you know…

 My Pinterest Picks of the Week

These ice luminaries can be placed anywhere. Just remember they melt, and the water must go somewhere… I bet they would be great decor for an outdoor ceremony.

42.thumbnail My Pinterest Picks of the Week

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